Watch what you eat…

Little history about me.  I got pancreatitis a few years back and was hospitalized.  It was a life changing event.  Now I ave to be careful about what I eat.  I’m a diabetic, but it’s manageable by diet.  I know what to eat and what not to eat, I just have a hard time following my own advice.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and tried to get some healthier options.  One of the items I picked up was chicken salad from the deli.

This morning I checked my sugar because I didn’t feel right.  I know I HAVEN’T been eating right.  Low and behold my sugar was at 220 (it should be at 130 when you wake up).  So I brought my chicken salad to eat plain, some veggies (broccoli, celery and carrots) and a co-worker gave me some fresh pineapple.  I started eating my chicken salad and it tasted super sweet.  NOW I check the label…my response to what I saw…who the hell puts high fructos corn syrup in chicken salad?  The food industry is LITERALLY trying to kill us.  Then I wanted to kick myself for not checking the label prior to purchase.

Here’s a recipe for some YUMMY and HEALTHY chicken salad.


Author: irlandesleona

I'm a single mom to a teenage boy. I'm a workaholic. Most importantly, I'm just trying to get through life the best I can.

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